Vasayo Products and Compensation Plan Overview: Can It Be True?

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VASAYO: Providing Solutions: Delivered Pre Launch Details Dec. 5th 2016

VASAYO MLM Pre-Launched

We’re thrilled to announce that Vasayo Pre-Launch has already begun and the business is constructing.

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Our vision is to transform lives physically, economically, and socially through remarkable shipment of products, opportunity, and community.

VASAYO Line of product

Dallin Larsen has actually revealed exactly what the VASAYO products will be. This is an exciting time for the Multi level marketing industry and VASAYO individuals.

The VASAYO Product line is remarkable so is it possible that this MLM company is actually a scam? Lets first look at product

New Update on the VASAYO line of product.

Lets first talk about the VASAYO science and the Chief Science Officer (CSO) is Dr. Emek Blair. Dr. Blair has developed the VASAYO MicroLife brand that utilizes a remarkable process, allowing the VASAYO items to soak up into the body using Liposomes. He takes nutrition, whether vitamins, herbs or any other nutrition and puts them inside a sub-microscopic bubble of Liposome, enabling the body to soak up the nutrition as much as 800% better than without the Liposome bubble.

What is a Liposome?

A Liposome is a small bubble (Vesicle), constructed out of the very same material as a cell membrane. Liposomes can be filled with drugs to treat cancer and other diseases and the membranes are typically made from phospholipids, which are molecules that have a head group and a tail group.

A Liposome is a spherical blister having at least one lipid bilayer. The Liposome can be utilized as a vehicle for the administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Liposomes can be prepared by interfering with biological membranes such as by sonication and all VASAYO Products are developed using Liposomes.

VASAYO will have multiple brands and VASAYO’s Health and Nutrition line is called MicroLife. All VASAYO health products will be branded with the name MicroLife.


Dallin and Karree Larsen, founders of Mona Vie, have revealed a brand-new company. While Mona Vie went from $0 to nearly $1 billion in annual revenue in less than five years, a steep growth trajectory unlike lots of other direct sale companies, Dallin and Karree Larsen

opted to ignore the enterprise due to changes in the company culture and arguments with shareholders.

The break from Mona Vie enabled them to hang out with their fathers, both of whom died last summertime and provided the ability to check out life while charging themselves for their next challenge. Now, 2 years after leaving Mona Vie, they have a new vision they wish to show the world.

Here is a Vasayo Compensation Plan Overview:

Both Dallin and Karree strongly think that everyone has been offered presents which they need to work to help others lead more flourishing lives. Given that 1989, Dallin Larsen has begun many business that caused billions in profits. Even though they anticipated Mona Vie would be their last stop in the business world, it emerged that was not the case.

3 Directing Concepts

To be truer to themselves in their own lives, they chose to move forward. The intent is to create a business focused on good, offering blessings to all the business touches.

every intention of leading this company up until their last breath; they have no intention of every selling the business and will maintain a minimum of a 50 percent ownership to preserve their vision of the companies instructions.

Second, the business is owned by the approach that a distributor can never make excessive earnings. Dallin Larsen’s comprehensive background in the distribution field has offered him an extensive understanding of the needs of the work in addition to preserving a business, and he means to utilize that understanding to assist others grow their business.

The interests of distributors will be given priority in all decisions with the goal of distributors feeling that this is their last service.

They keep that their top priorities will always be God first, family second, and business third. While they are providing their whole hearts to business, they feel that top priorities are very important. The goal is to bring in similar individuals to share the journey.

Sensations of Gratitude Dallin reveals their appreciation to MonaVie for the experiences it enabled, along with the support it supplied to those associated with the business. While it is hard to articulate to anybody who wasn’t there, they have nothing but positive sensations to remove.

For those thinking about signing up with the brand-new journey, it is important to consider where you are presently. If you feel comfortable with your work and are making a steady earnings, then it may be wise to remain where you are. They have no intention of bringing over effective people from Mona Vie, as they do not think that their previous company needs to be burned down in favor of the new one.

Preparation the New Company

Over the next several months, the structure of the new venture will be built. The goal is to relate to leaders in shifts who have actually developed big organizations formerly. Proven management skills are likewise valued, in addition to cumulative knowledge.

People require to be team-oriented, credible, and interested in pursuing work with significance. While the details of the overall structure remain in the works, Dallin Larsen asserts the intent to create a disruptive entry into the market with new line of product in development. Along the way, leaders will provide themselves and reap the benefits of the settlement structure.

The prelaunch phase is a fun time to develop your successful foundation. Spread the word to those around you. It will get actually interesting, as the energy percolates beneath the surface.

While this message does not answer all of your concerns, it acts as a beginning indicate reintroduce themselves as Dallin and Karree announce that they are back.